Meech launches new 906 Hyperion 24V DC power supply

Meech International announced the launch of the 906 Hyperion 24V Power Supply Unit (PSU), replacing the 904 and 905 AC Power supplies . This state-of-the-art DC power supply offers a host of new features and benefits, making it the perfect choice for modern industrial applications.


The 906 Hyperion 24V PSU is a universal 24V DC supply voltage system, favoured for use in modern machinery and by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Being a DC power supply the 906 offers a wide range of advanced features, over it’s the more common AC counterparts that are traditionally used to power Static control equipment.


Key features of the unique 906 Hyperion 24V PSU include:

  • 24VDC Input Voltage: Universal DC supply voltage, eliminating the need to specify a 50Hz or 60Hz model.
  • Bicolour LED Indicator: Indicates operating state, with green showing “OK,” red “Fault,” and flashing red “Clean Ioniser.”
  • Remote Alert Output Signal: Provides remote signalling of alerts and failures, ensuring proactive maintenance.
  • Adjustable Output Voltage: From 4kV to 7kV AC, with a default setting of 5kV.
  • Ion Current Monitoring: Integrated performance monitoring, accessible via SmartControl Touch or BarMaster.
  • User Interface: Serial communications and parameter adjustments, including voltage, and ion alarm levels, making it a user-friendly device.


Furthermore, the new 906 unit is compact, measuring 120mm x 100mm x 125mm, and designed for easy integration, with mounting holes positioned to match those of the 904 and 905 Power supplies .


Ian Atkinson, Sales Director at Meech comments: “Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the design of this new power supply, ensuring it provides all the benefits of modern technology while maintaining ease of use and reliability. Customers using the Hyperion technology will appreciate the efficiency and improved performance of the 906, which is independent of local mains voltage and frequency.”


Atkinson also adds: “The 906 Hyperion 24V PSU is a significant step forward in power supply technology. With features like adjustable output voltage, ion current monitoring, and a robust user interface, we are confident that this new model will exceed the expectations of our customers and set a new standard in the industry.”


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About Meech International

Founded in 1907, Meech has a long history of engineering expertise. Today the focus is on the control of static electricity and surface contamination, which is common in a wide variety of global industries.


With six offices and a network of distributors located around the world Meech is perfectly positioned to support the markets in which they serve, offering local support backed by a dedicated Meech team.


The Meech mission is “to design and manufacture innovative solutions to optimise their customers productivity”, they achieve this through collaboration both internally and externally, working with customers and partners to develop solutions that add value.


Product development and R&D is key to everything Meech do, engineering excellence gives their industry experts the right tools to succeed and allows them to focus on customer needs.

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