Bookbinding hotmelts and PUR

Dishkov Trading Ltd. is exclusive distributor for Bulgaria of bookbinding hotmelts of the company DURAL:

- bookbinding hotmelts

- bookbinding polyurethane (PUR) hotmelts

- dispensing hotmelts

- label hotmelts

- hotmelts for cardboard packages

Stitching wire

Dishkov Trading Ltd. offers stitching wire from the reputable manufacturer LÖTTERS:

- stitching wire, galvanized, with round core-section and thickness from 0,42 mm to 0,80 mm in rollers by 2 kg, 15 kg, 90 kg, and barrels Ldrums by 300 kg.

- stitching wire with polymer coverage in different colours

- spirals and combs for binding of calendars

- devices for unwinding of large rollers (15 kg, 90 kg and LDrums of 300 kg)

Sewing threads

Dishkov Trading Ltd. offers wide range of sewing threads from the Spanish manufacturer CUS-BOR in buzz by 0,5 kg. with length of the thread 12 000 m.